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Briec 2011 - 2013



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This year it was Rhuthun’s turn to visit Briec and a party of 37 left on Thursday 9 May for a 5-night visit. As before we flew to Brest where we were met by a few of our Briec friends who provided us with a picnic lunch.  

Following a reception at the Briec Town Hall we visited an exhibition at Arthémuse, Briec’s new splendid theatre. The exhibition, that was Briec’s contribution to the new “Welsh Weeks” in Brittany, recorded the history of our 20 years of twinning with photographs, newspaper cuttings and an audiovisual presentation. We were then entertained to a meal at the meeting room behind the theatre.


Friday saw some of the party  manning a stall at Briec’s weekly market giving the people of Briec a taste of local Vale of Clwyd products that had been purchased with the aid of a Cadwyn Clwyd grant. These included yoghurts, cheese, pates, cakes, and honey.

A concert had been arranged for the evening at Arthėmuse with the local new mixed choir, a male voice choir from the Basque region and our very own Ruthin singer, Eleri Woolford.


Saturday was spent in Quimper and we enjoyed  dinner in Landrévarzec, followed by a Celtic Night with Breton and Welsh dancing.


Sunday was the highlight of the visit with Bagad Brieg marching through Landudal followed by the celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of twinning. Gifts were exchanged followed by lunch at Langolen with Breton games and music by the band Ar Re Goz.


On Monday we visited a clothes outlet and had lunch in Quimper with the afternoon being spent in Concarneau. The evening dinner was at our favourite restaurant, the Gwrac’h Du in Edern.


After another very successful visit we left Briec on Tuesday for Brest airport and our return flight.


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This year it was Rhuthiun's turn to visit Brieg and a party of 30 left on Wednesday the 1st of June for a 5 night stay.


As we flew to Rennes this year instead of Brest we spent the first day visiting the Parliament and other parts of this historic town. Following a reception in theTown Hall in Brieg we spent our first night with our hosts.


All of Thursday was spent in Langolen where we ahd a barbeque and visited Castell Trohanet. An evening meal in Langolen followed and a fest noz with Breton and Welsh dancing.


On Friay we went to Kemper where we enjoyed a visit to a distillery, pancakes for lunch and a ride around the town on the little train. In the evening we had dinner in the Croas Stang restaurant in Langolen.


Saturday and Sunday were days spent with or hosts with different people doing different things. Evening meals were in our favourite restaurant, the Gwrac'h Du in Edern


Following another successful visit we left Brieg on Manday for Brest airport and our flight home.